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Vienna is a magnificent city that attracts skilled, capable professionals from all over the world. However, no matter how good you are at what you do, it is nearly impossible to continue or start your career when you are new to the city. The things you need most are a community and a place to be productive (working from home and at cafe shops can only get you so far!), and this is what The Collaboratory is.

Our co-working space is designed to satisfy the needs of expats in Vienna. Whatever the reason you moved here, you should be able to bloom where you are planted! Austrians who value diversity and like working in an international environment are also more than welcome to become part of our community!

The Collaboratory Club

The Collaboratory Club is a special feature we offer not only to members who rent with us on a monthly basis, but also to like-minded professionals in Vienna who like to find a community they belong to.

The purpose of the club is the exchange of services among trustworthy professionals as well as the facilitation of personal and professional growth through regular networking events and workshops with speakers whose knowledge and experience are valuable to the members and their businesses.

Interested in becoming a member? Ask us more about it.

The Team

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Severina Ditzov