Webinar: Building resilience in the new normal


Easing up the measures against covid19 brings not only relief but also a level of anxiety. What will the new normal be? How will we adapt to it?


The Collaboratory has invited Mrs Marie-Julie Dieltjens again to help us not only cope but thrive in these trying times.

Attending the webinar will equip you with the necessary techniques to become resilient to the pressure of uncertainty the coronavirus crisis has put on all of us.


If you are struggling to deal with:


– the sudden change

– the grief from losing you normal

– home office

– fear of the unknown


this webinar is for you!


You will learn how to:


– emphasize on your resources

– create new routines that work for you

– deal with lack of motivation

– change your perspective and see the positive side of this situation


Important details:


Date: May 7th, 7 pm – 9 pm in ZOOM

Participation fee: 45 euros/person*(due in advance )

Register at per email at office@thecollaboratory.at and pay via bank transfer or get your ticket here


Single Ticket45.00 EUR
Bring a friend80.00 EUR
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.


Who is Marie-Julie Dieltjens?

Marie-Julie is a life and work coach. SHE HAS a Master’s Degree in work psychology and an additional one in clinical psychology. She is
Belgian and studied in Brussels. Psychology is really her passion. She specialized in topics such as happiness at work, team management, change management, conflict management, stress management, emotional management, burnout recovery, and professional orientation and reorientation. Since she is a nomad, she was surprised to discover how big the need for support and coaching for expats was. Related to the nomad theme, she helps people to redefine life and work purpose and to put meaning in their expatriation. She believes in the power of the group and thus loves to give workshops related to different topics to help people getting to know great tools for daily life use and personal development.

You can learn more about her at mind-full-changes.com