Due to the current COVID19 safety regulations, this event will be held ONLINE and will be therefore a WEBINAR.



If you are wondering about becoming self-employed but are feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the Austrian regulations*, this WEBINAR is for you!

We will talk about what a sole entrepreneur is, how does the whole registration process work, the most important things you need to know about social insurance and taxes for self-employed people in Austria, and what on earth is Gewerbe and why do you need it.

Becoming self-employed is an important decision and we will help prepare for it!

Our small groups guarantee you get all the answers to the questions you didn’t know you have!

Upcoming dates: September 29th, 2020, from 7 pm to 9 pm


Participation fee: 35 euros/person* (due in advance )


Buy your ticket by registering at office@thecollaboratory.at and pay via bank transfer.





*The Collaboratory Coworking Space is the only coworking space that provides legal support to its members.