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Trusted partners and colleagues from the Viennese expat community.

Austria for beginners

Austria for beginners is a non-government orgaization based in Vienna which purpose is to facilitate the integration of foreigners by making the Austrian legal system accessible and understandable. They offer free legal advice, hold seminars and workshops on important legal topics that concern newcomers in Austria the most, and provide assistance with the communication with Austrian authorities and third parties. Austria for beginners’ office is at The Collaboratory.

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Romana Maalouf Photography

Romana is an international family lifestyle photographer based in Vienna. She specializes in photos on Pregnancy, Newborn, Family, and Personal branding for entrepreneurs. Her main aim is to capture honest and authentic images that tell her clients’ unique story. Be it the love and the connections between family, or passions and dedication in a work environment.

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SEA – Services for self-employed

SEA – Services for self-employed e.U. Is designed to unite, support, and promote self-employed in Austria. It includes a platform called Self-employed in Austria and an upcoming series of guide books on self-employment.

The platform contains free articles and advice on topics related to self-employment in Austria. All articles are written by qualified professionals and experienced freelancers – the aim is to answer all those questions and issues that you face every day as a self-employed in Austria
It’s a place-to-be for all those who want to start a journey of working on their own and bring their freelance careers to another level. On the platform, you can also gain access to the rapidly growing community of self-employed people in Austria.

“A complete guide to self-employed in Austria| Edition 2020| New self-employed” is the first currently released guide and a must-have compendium for those who want to start or grow their careers as new self-employed (Neue Selbständige) in Austria. It contains valid laws for 2020 explained by professionals as well as practical advice from experienced freelancers. The book guides you through the entire process: from the registration, through dealing with taxes and insurance until the termination of your business. It will lead you through decisions, help with setting everything up, and also prepare you to endure the ride.

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One Bold Wolf

One Bold Wolf is a boutique marketing consultancy, run by Imo Bábics, providing startups and tech brands with big agency know-how without any of the big agency roadblocks.

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