COVID-19 Safety 

If you are feeling ready to leave your living room but still anxious whether it is safe, let us tell you how we ensure the wellbeing of our members in these weird times.

2,5G rule

Upon arrival, you have to show us proof that you were either fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid19 or have a negative PCR test, done in the last 48 hours. The current national and local safety regulations limit the validity of a negative anti-gen test to 24 hours, and that of a PCR test to 48 hours. 


Our space is daily disinfected. Working stations and meeting rooms are additionally disinfected after each booking.  

Airing the space

Studies showed that regular airing and good ventilation play a key role in the prevention of the spread of the virus. During the autumn, winter and spring months the space is being aired every hour. Additionally, meeting rooms are aired after each booking.  


Currently, guests of The Collaboratory have to wear a mask only in the common area – kitchen, bathroom, corridors. You don’t need a mask while working. 

Physical distance

If there was one thing the pandemic didn’t change for us, that was the level of comfort and privacy our members have. Our sitting and working arrangement has always provided a certain distance. There is only one community table in our space and we’ve limited the number of seats to 2 to ensure the safety of our members and guests. 


The Collaboratory has always been imagined as the place where people get things done and that is reflected in our capacity. We are a rather small space with a total seating of 14. No big crowds, no chaos.

Please note that the information above is in compliance with the current Covid19 safety regulations in Austria and particularly in Vienna. If the situation changes, so will we accordingly.

Ready to join the world? 😉