Written by Miglena Hofer

Miglena is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Collaboratory Coworking Space, as well as one of the lawyers behind the Vienna-based non-profit Austria for beginners. She is a full-time parentpreneuer, an avid coffee drinker and a firm believer in the power of community.

March 18, 2020



Here it is – The Collaboratory’s very own blog!


This is the place for freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs in Austria! We will provide reliable information on various topics in English. As some of you know, The Collaboratory is the only coworking space in Vienna whose members get legal support. Our founders are actual lawyers and they want to share their knowledge with you!

We collaborate with many highly skilled professionals who will also contribute to the blog and share their expertise with YOU so make sure you follow us closely!

When were planning the first blog posts, Covid19 was nothing more than a meme. Naturally, we were about to write about the legal basics of self-employment in Austria as a start. Well, Covid19 memes are still going strong and so are we but with totally different content!

Stay home, stay healthy and stay tuned 😊

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