Working with kids is possible!

Written by Miglena Hofer

Miglena is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Collaboratory Coworking Space, as well as one of the lawyers behind the Vienna-based non-profit Austria for beginners. She is a full-time parentpreneuer, an avid coffee drinker and a firm believer in the power of community.

October 6, 2020

Working with kids is possible!

For an extended period, people were told to differentiate between work and family. Easier said than done. Many parents have bitter experience working under stress, often worrying about their children’s well-being while they are at work. Today we know that work and family do not have to be mutually exclusive. What is more, at The Collaboratory we make working with kids possible.



Organizations realize the benefits of allowing their employees to bring their children to work. Improving the working family member’s morale, decreasing absenteeism, getting parents sooner to work, increasing the worker’s productivity, and job satisfaction. While some institutions offer daycare sites like Google, others organize certain days when children are welcome to visit their parents. Children are quite curious about their parents’ jobs, and they feel pride in seeing the professional side.

A growing number of scientific evidence reveals the effectiveness of onsite childcare for working parents. In an experimental study, researchers compared the productivity levels of 148 workers that fall into three categories, namely those who benefit from an employer-sponsored childcare assistance program, those who do not benefit from onsite childcare services, and finally those without children. The results indicate that employee performance was higher and absenteeism lower when using the onsite childcare center.

Do you face any of those struggles?

Thanks to childcare at an office, parents can check on their children during their office hours and feel relieved. Children also feel less separation anxiety from their caregivers, increasing their emotional security.

A big hustle during the day for parents who work is bringing and taking children to nursery and school, which often causes stress and extra time for parents. Childcare services in an office save valuable time that is a treasure of working and studying parents. Since our office is located in a central location, our members often take a short office to conduct their errands while benefiting from childcare.

Parents who made the home office experience realize that they hit productivity peak when their children sleep. However, it is hard to depend on children’s biological hours to make plans for the day and rely on their cooperation for a long time. ,

But if you are not working for Google, why should you and your kid suffer?

With an innovative concept, The Collaboratory combines office sharing and childcare services for parents who work or study. Our coworking with babysitting service gets you reliable and qualified childcare that is always there and does not cancel on you. All that while you are working in peace in a separate room. And enjoying the perks of a coworking community too – a change of scenery, social interaction, and expanding your network. Guilt-free and as flexible as you need it.

At The Collaboratory, we are trying to create an office environment for parents who want to balance work and life. For many parents finding a reliable childcare service plays a vital role. Especially when deciding to return to work or establishing a start-up. Migrant families who have left behind family and friends support systems in their home or later adopted countries need support.

While we are aware of the benefits of children being in proximity to their caregivers, we also want to ensure that children can establish contact with friends. And without being frequently distracted by parents than can lower their caregivers’ concentration.

How do we work?

In our childcare room, we have children between ages 1 and 6 in small groups of a maximum of four children. Our dynamic team responds quickly to requests, and you will be notified promptly to your questions.

Child’s age and social aspects matter to us. We are flexible to appeal to a wide variety of parents from different cultural backgrounds. Our team members are also multicultural and aware of their difficulties in their transition periods.

The individual language needs of each child are vital. We adopt the language we speak –English and German– according to the needs of each child. Children who arrive in Austria can benefit from a less stressful transition to a German-speaking environment before they eventually begin an Austrian school system.

But what about Covid19, you might wonder. Is The Collaboratory Covid19 safe?


Yes, it is! We take great care in our work. Daily sanitizing, and appropriate distance between the individual desks ensure adequate protection for our guests. Separate rooms and our small capacity (max. 12 people) make our space perfect to work from also in the current situation.

We also take good care of your kid!  Hands are being washed frequently during the day, and in our spacy office, we keep a safe distance. The ventilation is increased with outside air, without risking children’s safety with open windows at their reach level.

Frequently touched surfaces in the office are cleaned thoroughly.  Children’s toys are being washed daily with standard hygiene articles. Although to be eco-friendly, we would like to employ toys from natural materials like wood. During this process, we prioritize products that we can wash thoroughly. We remove unnecessary items from the childcare room. This is how we limit the number of shared objects. It also makes it easy to keep attention to which toys remain in the place.

We use pedagogical methods to communicate the importance of washing hands to the children in our care. Luckily, there are also a growing number of sources to deliver Covid-19 information to children like a storybook My Hero is You .

Adults can bring snacks for children and leave in the childcare room. They can also opt to give a break together and introduce food for the children in the kitchen. Thus, within the workplace, families can enjoy having a meal together while also ensuring their food’s safety and nutritional content.

Being a multicultural team during the Covid-19 outbreak for others’ safety, we ensure that we remain in Austria to reduce the risk. Being well-aware that we come into contact with our clients and especially small children, we pay special attention to our well-being. We are also pleased to inform you that we enjoy the privilege of working with members who carry a shared sense of social responsibility with us in the Collaboratory.



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About the author

My name is Tuba and my educational background includes the English language and literature, psychology, and psychotherapy fields. I have experience working in multicultural diverse educational and psycho-social contexts, including nursery, kindergarten, special education, and child therapy. Within the Collaboratory, we provide child care services for families who would like to find work-life balance. With a child-centered attitude, we apply positive strategies to create a positive, enabling environment for each child’s developmental needs in small groups. While we offer a safe and fun environment for children, grown-ups can increase their on-job concentration.

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